confused seagull

If your hair is as white as this bird, and you're sick of it, 

You're in the right place.

Gray hair is for the birds. That's why I'm on a mission to put a stop to it, so YOU feel better, look better, and don't have to explain to your husband why you had to take out another mortgage to afford it.


Here's what you'll get, for a limited time, when you book an appointment with me:

50% OFF The Gray Package

for the Next 5 Lucky Ladies

Your own personal roadmap to getting the perfect hair for you. We'll discuss personal preferences, hair maintenance, and so much more.

We'll craft a custom dual color that compliments your skin, erases the gray, and allows you freedom of style choices.


A neutral toned color glaze, relaxing shampoo massage, and and pH balancing mask ensure your hair feels as healthy as it looks.


Freshly cut ends always allow hair to style easier! We'll finish out your look with a fresh cut, blowdry, and style so you're ready for anything.


If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your new look, I'll make it right or make it free. That's a promise.



And, you're in great hands. I'm an American Board Certified Haircolorist, Pravana Master Colorist, and Natural Hair Specialist, with 20 years experience in the field.

Here's what some of my clients have to say:


Because I pride myself on being totally transparent with my clients, I wanted you to know what this would cost you upfront, before you schedule with me, because I value your time as much as my own.

So if you were to *try* to get an appointment with me, to cover up the gray and make it look as natural as possible, this is what The Gray Package really costs (as of January 2020):

The Gray Package Breakdown

  • Initial Consultation and Hair Evaluation

  • Custom Gray Coverage with Dimension Root to Ends

  • Protective Neutral Color Glaze

  • Shampoo Massage

  • Rebalancing pH Treatment

  • Haircut and Blowdry

  • Style and Finish

  • Looking and Feeling Younger


  • $60     FREE

  • $210   $105

  • $30     $15

  • $10     FREE

  • $30     $15

  • $40     $20

  • $20     FREE



Without this deal, you'd pay $400.

But for now, and for the first 5 ladies to book with me, your cost is only



That's less than 50% off, actually, because I'm literally giving you $90 in additional services.

But you're totally worth it.



When you book your consultation now, you'll get a FREE gift at your service appointment (worth $25) to take home.

It's time to say goodbye to the gray, forever.

Save your spot now before someone else does.

Pssst... The consultation is part of the package, and is ZERO cost to you. 😉

About those reservations...

If you're ready to claim your 50% off voucher and get your FREE consultation scheduled now, click below.

But I know we're in some uncertain times, and you may not be sure about scheduling a hair appointment just yet, even with a deal as good as this one.

So I wanted to answer a few questions for you. Below are my most commonly asked questions and concerns.

  • I'm worried about catching Covid-19.

    • While I don't blame you, I also want to reassure you. I only take one person in my salon at a time, and since it's a private salon, there's no need to worry about extra germs. All Knox County guidelines and CDC guidelines are being met here, and believe it or not, salons are some of the cleanest places around. (We have to be - it's what we're licensed on!) ColorWorkz Salon received a 100% on the latest health inspection, so you can be confident it's all clean here, and the risk to you is as low as possible.

  • Where are you located?

    • I am conveniently located in Halls, about a half mile behind Halls High School. You'll receive the physical address in your appointment confirmation text once I have you on my calendar. I do not accept walk-ins.​

  • I'm not sure I can afford the maintenance long term.​ Will it be $400 at my maintenance appointment?

    • This is why it's so important to have a thorough consultation with ANY stylist. At ColorWorkz, you know upfront what to expect before your initial service and for ongoing maintenance, so there's never surprise charges. Returning clients always get the best pricing, because at ColorWorkz, I'm dedicated to serving my clients in ways that fit their personal budgets and work schedules, while still allowing them to have the hair they love.

      Will it be $400 at your retouch appointment? It's not likely unless we're changing everything, but again, this is part of your initial consult. Come by and say hello, and let's chat about it.


  • Why do you require a consultation? Can't I just have that done at my appointment?​

    • It's pretty commonplace for big salons to do both in one day, but here's the real scoop: I only buy supplies that I know will be used, so they aren't sitting on a shelf for months (years, sometimes), like the big salons do.  I require you to come in for a consultation so I can buy products specifically for you -- because it's just not fair to charge you for supplies that are old and outdated, and it definitely won't make your hair turn out better. This way, color prices stay reasonable for you, and I can sleep at night knowing that I'm not damaging your hair with bad products. 

  • Do you require me to pay for my whole visit upfront? Do you record my credit card information?​

    • While I do require a $75 appointment retainer for your service appointment at the time of the initial consultation (which is free, if you book it here), I donot require the full service fee upfront. Your initial consultation appointment is free of charge for The Gray Package. The $75 retainer gets applied to your bill on the day of your service.

      My payment processor is Square, so while the app retains your information for your convenience, I do not have access to the information nor the authority to charge you without your permission. The service appointment retainer is, however, non-refundable; since I cannot return your supplies, and may not be able to use them on another client, if you do not attend your service appointment or reschedule it before the 48 hour window, you will forfeit the $75 retainer.


  • What is your cancellation policy?

    • There's a 48 hour cancellation or rescheduling policy in effect. If you have further questions about this, I'm happy to address them at your free consultation appointment.