"This is, quite possibly, the best salon                        loyalty program out there."

Real rewards, no limits, no kidding.

Here's how it works:


ColorWorkz gives you points when certain things happen, like you book another appointment when you check out, or you buy some product - stuff you'd normally do in a salon, right?  Then, right before vacation, when your hair looks a mess and the budget is tight, you realize you've accumulated 74,560 points.  Whaaaa?  FREE HAIR.  Ta-da!



So here's the fine print:


There's no limit to how much you can earn.  For real.  No limit.  There is, however, an expiration date on some of your points.  So let's say you got 12,000 of those points in May; they would expire the end of April next year, so use 'em or lose 'em!  The oldest points expire first, and  can be used for services, salon products, or gift certificates only.  Boutique items and extension hair are excluded.

What Earns You Points?


for every $1 spent in salon products


for every $150 in same-day service


for every $25 in gift certificates


for trying a new service


for pre-booking your next appointment


for each client referral
















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