First Time Clients

I love seeing new faces! However, my time is very limited, so I do ask for a $50 deposit upon booking your first appointment. Don't worry, it's applied to your initial service visit. The only way you won't get it back is to not show up or give an adequate cancellation notice!

Cancellation and Rescheduling

We're only human, right?  I get it.  I know last minute things come up, traffic is always a mess, and kids (and adults) get sick.  There are valid reasons for having to cancel or reschedule.  Since I opened the salon I've always had a 48 hour cancellation or rescheduling notice so that I can fill your spot in case something comes up.  But there are a few exceptions to the rule that I'll outline here.

  • Inclement Weather:  If it's snowing or icing, and you're not in a monster truck, chances are you're not getting up the hill to the salon.  I'll let this one pass.  All I ask is that we clearly communicate the night before for the next morning's appointment, or at least a couple hours before the day of.  I don't want anyone getting hurt coming to get their hair done.

  • The Creeping Crud: If you're sick, I guarantee I don't want it.  Please keep it - at home. Being ill is no joke, so you should be home taking care of your health, and we'll reschedule hair.  I'm still requiring at least a 12 hour notice or it doesn't count though.  

  • Somebody has had an Emergency: Family emergencies, death, car accidents, and major life affecting events happen, so these will be assessed on a case by case basis and given a pass.

As with all things, I am also human and situations come calling from time to time.  However, I have to remain loyal to many folks and multiple appointments weekly, and I rarely have good excuses to cancel or reschedule my clients.  So if I can handle tons of you folks every single week, I know that you can likely keep one appointment. ;)

Good Excuse Abuse: If  too many acceptable excuses are used in an indeterminable time frame to cancel or reschedule your appointment inside the 48 hour required window, you will be asked for a $50 retainer to rebook, even if you are a regular client.

Saturday Appointments:  I will always have daytime and evening appointments available for your convenience.  If you need to schedule a Saturday appointment, you will automatically be asked to pay an upfront $100 non-refundable retainer.

No Call/No Show: Just.... don't.  If you do it once, you'll have to pay upfront (non-refundable) to book your next appointment.  If you do it twice, you'll have to find another stylist.  Please be courteous.

Lateness is NOT Greatness:  We can't get our full time in if you're late, and I'm not going to do a stellar job on your hair if I have to hurry.  Plus, other clients shouldn't have to wait because you can't get it together, right?   Leave on time, arrive alive.  Or something like that.  But yeah, don't be late. Many thanks!

Terms of Service

In order to keep fantastic hair services at fantastic prices with my fantastic people, by scheduling an appointment with ColorWorkz Salon and Crysta Foster, you are agreeing to these policies and procedures.  We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule, or otherwise amend any appointment or service, at any time, for any reason.  You are using this site and ColorWorkz services freely and of your own accord.  Prices, terms, conditions, and applications contained in this website are subject to change or be reviewed, revoked, or altered at any time.  ColorWorkz Salon and Crysta Foster reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason, with the exceptions made by federal law.  Services not performed by Crysta Foster are performed by licensed and independent subcontractors.

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